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Fighting against
IP infringements and counterfeits online
We detect and remove online threats to protect your profits, stop revenue leaks and safeguard your reputation.
How It Works
Our goal is to minimize the negative impact that such infringements have on your sales and brand reputation.
Identify fakes across the internet 24/7
Automatically enforce against fakes
See the outcome of your brand protection actions
We Protect You On
Reaching the goal with artificial intelligence
Social Media
Search Engines
Mobile Apps
Video platforms
Why Us?
Because we are not selling you software, we are solving your problem
Limitless takedowns
Good-bye analyst hours, hello flat fees. We don’t leave any infringement standing.
Service, not software
We provide you a full service, so you don't have to struggle with one more software on your own. We just do the complete job, so you can focus on what matters.

Industry expertise

Knowledgeable, customer-focused Analysts with decades of experience serving clients in every industry and jurisdiction.
The trillion-dollar online counterfeits industry is growing rapidly at 20% per year
Counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise in the world, currently valued at $1 trillion and expected to grow to $1.7 trillion by 2023. The recent rise of ecommerce has aggravated the problem, increasing the overall counterfeit market size and the proportion of counterfeits sold online.

We offer tangible business benefits

Increase Online Revenue by 5-10%
Measure the dollar value of infringing products on global online marketplaces and regain sales revenue that has been hijacked by counterfeiters and knockoff brands.
Regain Confidence and Reputation
70% of shoppers are turned off by negative reviews. Protect your reputation and restore customers’ trust by eliminating negative reviews that are driven by fake products.
Boost Efficiency with Automation
Save time and money by automating the repetitive chores involved in detecting and reporting counterfeits, allowing your legal team to focus on strategic tasks.
Minimize Costs of Legal Action
Effortlessly collect information such as product price, product description and customer reviews, which can be used as evidence when bringing a legal action against an infringer.
Performance dashboards
The platform displays all the gathered data in graphs and charts, providing a visual overview of the current brand protection status.

Dashboards empower you to understand how your products are being sold and protected online, allowing you to make strategic, data-driven decisions.
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